In 1923 the all-time Dean of American Legal Evidence (evidence is simply information that a judge will let a jury hear and consider) John Wigmore wrote: “If science ever devises a physiological or psychological test of [human] credibility, the law will run to meet it.” Such a test did pop up in that same year, and the court (Frye v. United States) ran away from such a meeting. Since then courts and society have run in all kinds of directions, from complete acceptance to intemperate rejection. But the polygraph technique has trundled on, and is today a highly accurate means of determining - in some but not all circumstances - whether an individual is telling the whole truth, or something less. The United States federal government gives more than 50,000 polygraph tests per year, controls its intelligence agents with periodic polygraph screening, and once bet the security of the entire nation on a single polygraph test conducted by two air force examiners. Mr. Bailey helped form the American Polygraph Association, is a life-time member, and has recently received its Lifetime Achievement Award. If the truth is on your side in a controversy, that may not be enough. When backed up by a polygraph test conducted by a good examiner of sound reputation, it will likely be more than enough. If you find yourself in a situation where being believed is all-important, and you truly believe that you are telling the truth, it is probable than Mr. Bailey can give you invaluable guidance. If you have been asked to take a polygraph test by law enforcement or in a business environment, Mr. Bailey can make sure that any test you take is fair and accurate.




1973 & 2000




As Legal and Investigations Officer of Marine Fighter Squadron 334 (and later of Marine Aircraft Group 32), received training on the Keeler 6303 polygraph (including pre-test interrogation, question formulation and chart interpretation) from G-2 Technical Sergeant Joseph Stillarty and Civilian Examiner Joseph Collins at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, North Carolina.
Licensed Private Detective, Massachusetts: Supervised polygraph examinations for lawyers in criminal cases.
Trial lawyer specializing in cases involving polygraph testing, including first jury trial (Commonwealth v. George O. Edgerly, Capital Murder), Dr. Sam Sheppard, convicted of murdering his wife in 1954 (won a new trial in 1964, acquittal in 1966), and many, many others.
Adjunct Instructor at the Keeler Polygraph Institute, Chicago, Ill.
Adjunct Instructor at Backster School of Lie Detection, New York, NY.
Assisted in the formation of the American Polygraph Association
Granted lifetime membership in the American Polygraph Association.
Wrote the legal guidebook explaining polygraph testing limitations after the passage of the federal Employee Polygraph Protection Act.
Personally submitted to polygraph testing in important cases.
Have testified as an expert witness on polygraph testing in several cases, state, federal and military.
Have lectured more than 100 times on polygraph testing for state, federal and military agencies and associations, including several appearances as Keynote Speaker at the Annual Convention of the American Polygraph Association.
Assisted in preparing Petitioner’s Brief in Scheffer v. United States, United States Supreme Court, the only case in the history of this court dealing with polygraph testing.
Awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Polygraph Association.
Consultant in polygraph planning, testing, and the court admissibility of test results.