Mr. Bailey is one of the world’s most experienced investigators, with fifty-six years of experience in the field. Famous trial lawyer Melvin M. Belli said many years ago: "If your investigator is good enough, most any lawyer will do." While this is an exaggeration, to be sure, life’s problems can only be successfully addressed if one has a command of - and understanding of - the facts necessary to make the best decision under the circumstances. Mr. Bailey works with other investigators throughout the country to ensure that the true facts come to light. If you are faced with any sort of important or puzzling factual problems, a short consultation may show the way to get the most reliable information available.







1970 - 2010
Appointed Legal and Investigations Officer, Marine Aircraft Squadron 334, Cherry Point, North Carolina.
Trained by and worked with G-2 Intelligence Section, Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, North Carolina. Reported directly to Group Commanding officers, Col. Robert H. Richard, Col. Stanley W. Trachta, and Col. Maurice W. Fletcher.
Promoted to Legal and Investigations Officer, Marine Aircraft Group 32 (five squadrons), Cherry Point, North Carolina.
Appointed as Special Investigations Officer by Legal Officer Lieutenant Colonel Richard Braun, Second Marine Air Wing, Cherry Point, North Carolina. Worked with Office of Naval Intelligence, Washington, D.C.
Insurance adjuster for New England Adjustment Bureau, Boston, Massachusetts.
Opened Investigative Associates, Inc., a licensed (Massachusetts) detective agency specializing in trial preparation for lawyers, surveillance, and other kinds of investigations. The described activity has continued to the present day.
Published Investigation and Preparation of Criminal Cases, Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Co (now Thompson-Reuters West Publishing Co.) with Henry B. Rothblatt (deceased) thereafter Hon. Kenneth W. Fishman. This volume is still in print, and is updated regularly.
Have consulted on investigations of all types, too numerous to mention in this outline.