Bailey & Elliott Consulting offers a wide range of experience in business as a basis for offering detailed advice to small and medium-sized companies in the following specific areas, and other specialized areas that may require attention from time to time.

• Start-up counseling: How you should go about forming a new   company.

• Financial: How to raise funds, structure ownership, and manage   money.

Outside financial resources: Government programs (both grants and    guarantees), tax-fueled programs, private investment capital. and    ongoing accounting of the flow of funds.

Relations with others: Vendors and suppliers, customers, state and    federal agencies and licensors, financial professionals, lawyers and    others.

Periodic progress monitoring: evaluating progress and results,    suggesting changes which will help.

Efficiency and productivity. Streamlining operations, and bringing   more dollars to the bottom line.

Trouble-shooting. When problems arise in any aspect of the conduct   of the business, Bailey & Elliott is especially well-equipped to help   solve these problems quickly, and with minimal cost.

F. Lee Bailey said, “Since I was very young, it has been my plan to settle in Maine.” Operating out of Yarmouth, Maine, Bailey & Elliott Consulting can provide affordable business knowledge in a wide range of business trouble-shooting, including financial, marketing & personnel. They can provide such services as background screening for higher-level employees, and guidance on polygraph testing. Initial consultations are free of charge.