"A proper 'Consultant' is one who gives advice, based on knowledge which has been
tempered and strengthened by experience, and burnished by wisdom."


Business Advice
The services of a business consultant whether starting a new business, growing an existing one, problem solving, or exiting for a change, Ms. Elliott can offer a unique perspective.

Long experienced in Mediation as an alternative to in-court warfare, and well-experienced in ferreting out the facts, Mr. Bailey can assist those enmeshed in people problems in bringing the quarrels to a close - especially for those who can afford neither the legal fees nor the time to support a lawsuit, or a continuing lawsuit.

Mr. Bailey works with other investigators in a wide array of locations to ensure that the true facts come to light. If you are faced with any sort of important or puzzling factual problems, a short consultation may lead the way to get the most reliable information available.

If you find yourself in a situation where being believed is all-important, and you truly do believe that you are telling the truth, it is probable than Mr. Bailey can give you invaluable guidance. If you have been asked to take a polygraph test by law enforcement or in a business environment, Mr. Bailey can make sure that any test you take is fair and accurate. LEARN MORE

If you are considering the purchase of a boat or yacht and do not have the benefit of long experience on the water, there is a great deal you need to learn before you start spending your money. The mission you expect the boat to perform, the seas you expect to encounter, the distance offshore you expect to roam, and other factors can all be examined to help you make the best decisions.

If you are considering flight training, owning or operating an airplane, or sharing one with others, there are many options to consider and pitfalls to avoid. What use do you hope to make of an aircraft? An hour or two of consultation can save you money, frustration, and help you implement whatever you decide to do.