The services of a business consultant can help whether starting a new business, growing an existing one, problem solving, or exiting for a change, Ms. Elliott can offer a unique perspective. Deb started her spa business with no financial assistance and grew it into a 1.6 million dollar enterprise; earning many national awards in the process, while completing a BS in Organizational Leadership (Magna Cum Laude working 80-90 hours a week), an MS in Organizational Management, and worked 2 years on a PhD in Leadership and Change. She also completed a Strategies Coaching 2 year program, teaching and working with the Spa Industry developing business systems, before accepting a position with the State of Maine’s Department of Economic and Community Development as a Business Development Specialist. Business decisions are best made with an objective opinion. She knows full well that our businesses are our babies, it is hard to see the forest for the trees, and good decisions require much thought and strategic planning before implementing. Deb works collaboratively with you to problem solve and saves you time in navigating the red tape of the regulatory environment.

          Mr. Bailey, over the past 40 years, has become one of the most experienced speakers in the United States. He has appeared at more then 3,000 conventions, seminars, universities and professional gatherings, and can talk on any of the topics covered on this website except Cosmetology. He teaches public speaking, and explains why those who can speak fluently and at a measured pace, without reading from a paper or using notes, deliver the most riveting and mesmerizing addresses, and are the most likely to rise to the top of the pack. He instructs on these techniques, and gives unique insights into what makes a great speaker, and how to become one.