Born: June 10, 1933, Waltham, Massachusetts (Francis Lee Bailey, Jr.)

1946-47         Cardigan Mountain School, Canaan, New Hamp­shire (Grad­u­ated,                      Vale­dictorian)
1947-50         Kimball Union Academy, Meriden, New Hampshire (Gradu­ated)
1950-52         Harvard College - English Major
1952-54         U.S. Naval Flight Training, Pensacola, Florida (Graduated)
1954              Designated a Naval Aviator Commissioned Second Lieutenant, U. S. Marine                      Corps
1954-56         Jet Fighter Pilot and Legal Officer, VMF-334, then MAG 32, USMCAS Cher­ry                      Point, North Carolina
1957              January - August: Harvard College
1957              September: Admitted to Boston University Law School: Requirement for                      undergraduate degree waived because of military legal experience
1960              Graduated B.U. Law School as Valedictorian

1957-65         Licensed Private Investigator, Massachusetts
1968-74         Co-Chair (with B. B. King) FAIRR (Foundation for the Advancement of Inmate                      Recreation and Rehabilitation)
1971-80         President & Principal Shareholder, Enstrom Helicopter Manufacturing Co.,                      Menominee, Michigan
1973--            Lifetime Member, American Polygraph Association (Lifetime Achievement                      Award), 2008
1975-80         Member, Young President’s Organization. (YPO)
1975--            President and Principal Shareholder, TelShare Publishing Co. Chelsea                      Massachusetts (educational books)
1980-82         Consultant, Fairchild Aircraft Co., San Antonio, Texas
1981-88         Director, Shareholder & Special Counsel, Murray Chris Craft Industries, Inc.,                      Sarasota, Florida
1988--            President and Sole Shareholder, Palm Beach Roamer, Inc. West Palm                      Beach, Florida (re-manufacturing aluminum yachts and re-manufacturing Piper                      Twin Comanche aircraft)
2003--            Licensed Private Investigator, Florida
2003--            Investigative Consultant, Lynn, MA
2003--            Vice Chairman of the Board, New England Insulation, Canton, MA, (Supervisor                      of Asbestos Litigation in 5 states)
2005--            Member, World President’s Organization, a/k/a New England Forty-Niners                      (affiliate of YPO)
2006--            Senior Consultant, Oxford Aviation, Oxford, ME (aircraft refurbishment)

Flight Experience:
1954--            Commercial, multi-engine & instrument pilot (Lic.#1287353)
1967--            Type Rating, Lear Jet
1968–            Rotorcraft (helicopter) Rating
1952--            Over 20,000 flight hours, still an active pilot

Writing History:
1971              The Defense Never Rests (Criminal cases)
1975              For The Defense (Criminal cases)
1977              Cleared For The Approach, (Aviation)
1979              Secrets (Novel)
1982              To Be A Trial Lawyer (Educational book)
1967--            Criminal Law Library (West), 11 Volumes for law practitioners

Lecturing History:
1960--            More than 2800 lectures on various topics in law, investigation, and aviation to                      colleges, universities, conventions, professional groups and community                      organizations

Television History:
1967:             Host of Good Company, ABC Network interview show
1974-77:        Legal Host, Good Morning America, ABC Network morning show
1978:             Host of The Enemy Within, RKO syndicated
1983:             Host of Lie Detector, Columbia Television, Syndicat­ed

Notable Cases:
· Sheppard v. Maxwell (Ohio), U.S. Supreme Court, 1966
· Ohio v. Sheppard, Court of Common Pleas, Cleveland, 1966
· State v. Coppolino, Superior Court, New Jersey, 1966
· Commonwealth v. DeSalvo, (The Boston Strangler) Superi­or Court, Massachusetts, 1967
· State v. Coppolino, Circuit Court, Florida, 1967
· U.S. v. Kelley, (The “Great Plymouth Mail Robbery”) U.S. District Court, Boston, 1967
· U.S. Army v. Captain Ernest Medina, Fort McPherson, Geor­gia, 1971
· U.S. v. Garrison, (New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garri­son) U.S. District Court, New   Orleans, 1973
· U.S. v. Patricia Hearst, U.S. District Court, San Francisco, 1975
· U.S. v. David Norvell, (Attorney-General of New Mexico) U.S. District Court, Albuquerque,   1976
· U.S. v. Peter McDonald, (Chairman, Navajo Tribe) Phoenix, Arizona, 1978
· In Re Sir Lynden O. Pindling, (Prime Minister, Bahamas) Nassau Commission of Inquiry,   1983-84
· In Re Bhopal Gas Disaster, U.S. District Court, New York, 1986
· California v. Orenthal James Simpson, Superior Court, Los Angeles, California, 1995
· North Carolina v. Mark Crotts, Superior Court, Burlington, North Carolina (double murder,   1995)
· DuPont v. Pennsylvania (2000-2010)