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      Since first taking a sight-seeing flight in York, Maine, in 1949, and entering Naval Flight Training during the Korean War three years later, Mr. Bailey has been “up to his ears” in nearly every phase of aviation. Piloting, operating charter services and flight schools, helping with FAA air traffic control, manufacturing, refurbishing, owning, buying and selling, all contribute to an extensive expertise. If you are considering flight training, owning or operating an airplane, or sharing one with others, there are a multitude of options to consider and plenty of pitfalls. What use do you hope to make of an aircraft? Just fun flying on weekends when the sky is blue, or serious cross-country trips for business or pleasure. One engine or two? Speed or load-carrying capacity. New aircraft or used? Pre-buy inspections: how and where to get them done - always, before putting money down on a purchase. An hour or two of consultation can save you money, frustration, and help you implement whatever you decide to do.














U.S. Naval Flight Training Command, Pensacola, Florida.
March - designated Naval Aviator, Commissioned as Second Lieutenant, U.S. Marine Corps., Stationed at Cherry Point, North Carolina. Served as jet fighter pilot and legal and investigations officer. Investigated all aircraft accidents in Marine Fighter Squadron 334, and later Marine Aircraft Group 32. Left active duty in December, 1956,
Obtained FAA Commercial License with Instrument Rating, acquired and rebuilt Luscombe 8A light aircraft.
Published an article in FLYING magazine titled: “From Pipes to Kites”. It describes checking out in a military jet (“Hot Pipes”) and a light Cessna 120 aircraft (“Kite”, to a military pilot) on the same day
Acquired and rebuilt Globe Swift GC-1B light aircraft.
Licensed as Private Investigator in Massachusetts, took aerial photos for litigation purposes from aircraft and helicopters. Insurance adjuster for aviation accidents.
Acquired Cessna 172 for business use.
Acquired and rebuilt Cessna 310B twin for business use.
Founded Marshfield Aviation, Inc. in Marshfield, Massachusetts. Offered sales (Cessna), flight training, and charter.
Acquired Lear Jet 23 (Ser. # 50A)
Co-founder of the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Association (NOT the group which struck illegally in 1981).
Acquired Enstrom Helicopter Co., Inc of Menominee, Michigan, a failed manufacturer of light piston helicopters which had built and sold only 20 units before closing. Re-opened company and re-started production, within 6 years became the largest piston-engine helicopter manufacturer in the world, certified in 51 countries. Sold company in 1980 after building and selling 500 units.
Acquired Beechcraft Duke B60 aircraft for business use.
Acquired Rockwell Commander 680 aircraft for business use.
Acquired Rockwell Commander 690A turboprop aircraft for business use.
Founded Advocate Airways, Plymouth, MA, dealer for Enstrom Helicopter and Rockwell Commander. Operated three Enstroms morning and evening for three radio stations for traffic reporting, gave helicopter instruction, and aircraft and helicopter charter.
Consultant to Rockwell General Aviation Division.
Published Cleared for the Approach, Prentice-Hall, a book about aviation, including manufacturing, flight training, air traffic control, aircraft accidents, and aviation litigation.
Acquired Swearingen Merlin IIIB 10-place long range turboprop - dealer for same under Western Airmotive, distributor, Oakland, California. Became consultant for Fairchild-Swearingen.
Established operations at Palm Beach County Airport, Lantana, Florida, ran flight school with Piper singles through Bahamas Enterprises, Inc.
Became consultant for Piper Aircraft Chairman Stuart Millar about establishing manufacturing in Bahamas.
Sold Merlin IIIB.
Acquired Piper Pressurized Navajo, rebuilt extensively.
Opened flight school/rental service with three Piper Cherokee trainers, one Piper Cherokee Six, and one Piper Seneca III twin, operated as Bahamas Enterprises, Inc.
Acquired three Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche aircraft as part of a complete tear- down - rebuild process, with all moving parts brand new. Certified prototype (now a PA-39, s/n 288) with 13 Supplemental Type Certificates in September, 1995. Still operate this aircraft. Still active fixed-wing and helicopter pilot, with Lear Jet Type Ratings. Current medical certificate